Indian Statistical Institute(ISI) B.Math. Admission 2019| B.Math. Eligibility, Syllabus

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Bachelor of Mathematics (Honours) [B.Math (Hons)]

Admission to the academic programmes of the Indian Statistical Institute is based strictly on the merit of the candidates as judged from their performance in appropriate admission tests and interviews.


In order to be eligible for admission to this programme, an applicant must have successfully completed 10+2 years of Higher Secondary Education (or its equivalent) with Mathematics and English as subjects.

 Selection Procedure

All applicants for this programme, except the INMO AWARDEES (see next paragraph), will have to appear for two written tests comprising multiple-choice type and descriptive questions in Mathematics at the 10+2 level. Based on performance in the written tests, a number of candidates will called for interviews. The written test is waived for applicants who have been selected as INMO AWARDEES to participate in the International Mathematics Olympiad Training Camp (IMOTC) in the current year or in any previous year, based on their performance in the Indian National Mathematics Olympiad (INMO) conducted by the National Board of Higher Mathematics, Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India. Such candidates will be directly called for interviews.

The final selection of candidates for admission to the programme is based on performance in the two written tests (unless waived) as well as the interviews. The final list of candidates selected for admission is announced after completion of all the interviews. A candidate who has applied for the B Stat (Hons) programme shall have only one subsequent option to switch to the B Math (Hons) programme of the Institute. Candidates who wish to exercise this option must inform the Dean of Studies of their decisions either in writing or by sending an e-mail to between March 15 and April 5, 2018. No request after this date will be entertained

B.Math Syllabus

Algebra: Sets, operations on sets. Prime numbers, factorization of integers and divisibility. Rational and irrational numbers. Permutations and com-binations, basic probability. Binomial Theorem. Logarithms. Polynomials: Remainder Theorem, Theory of quadratic equations and expressions, rela-tions between roots and coefficients. Arithmetic and geometric progressions. Inequalities involving arithmetic, geometric & harmonic means. Complex numbers. Matrices and determinants.

Geometry: Plane geometry. Geometry of 2 dimensions with Cartesian and polar coordinates. Equation of a line, angle between two lines, distance from a point to a line. Concept of a Locus. Area of a triangle. Equations of circle, parabola, ellipse and hyperbola and equations of their tangents and normals. Mensuration.

Trigonometry: Measures of angles. Trigonometric and inverse trigonomet-ric functions. Trigonometric identities including addition formulae, solutions of trigonometric equations. Properties of triangles. Heights and distances.

Calculus: Sequences – bounded sequences, monotone sequences, limit of a sequence. Functions, one-one functions, onto functions. Limits and continu-ity. Derivatives and methods of differentiation. Slope of a curve. Tangents and normals. Maxima and minima. Using calculus to sketch graphs of func-tions. Methods of integration, definite and indefinite integrals, evaluation of area using integrals.

Important Dates:-

Events Dates (Announced)
Releasing of application form 5th February 2019
Payment of application fee starts 7th February 2019
Last date to fill application form 12th March 2019
Last date for fee payment 19th March 2019
Releasing of admit card 9th April 2019
Date of Examination 12th May 2019


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